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Termites - Termite Extermination

Affordable Termite Extermination

Ridding your property of termites will save you a fortune by preventing damage to your property. All Pest & Repair Inc. in Ventura, California, offers affordable termite extermination that you can count on.

No Deadbeat Dads Here

You won’t find deadbeat dads in the termite mound. Termite males stick around. After their nuptial flight, males stay with their queens, fertilizing her eggs as needed. They also share parental duties with the queen, helping her feed their young
predigested food.

Termite Grooming

You wouldn’t think an insect that spends its time in the dirt would be so fastidious about its hygiene, but termites spend a great deal of time grooming each other. Their good hygiene is important to their survival, as it keeps parasites and harmful bacteria under control within the colony. They don't worry so much about the cleanliness of your home, however. Subterranean termites produce liquid feces, whereas drywood termites produce characteristic pellets.

Expensive Problems

Drywood and subterranean termites cause more than $1.7 billion in damages and cost of control each year in the United States. Drywood termites tend to cut across wood grain destroying both the soft spring wood and the harder summer growth. Subterranean termites typically follow the grain of the wood. Both can seriously damage your home, so dealing with them quickly is essential.

The 5 Signs of Termites

Learn how to spot termite activity on your property. By learning the five signs that you have termites, you can take action before it's too late.

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