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Comprehensive Roach Treatment

Get rid of roaches and other creepy crawlies by contacting All Pest & Repair Inc. in Ventura, California. We provide comprehensive roach treatment for your home or business.

How to Prepare

Cockroaches spend a majority of their day in hiding, so effective treatment requires access to their hiding spaces. To help facilitate this, please remove any items from counters, cupboards, dressers, and other areas where roaches have been noticed. Do not return items to cupboard or counter for at least four hours after treatment. Please avoid cleaning treated areas for as long as possible and do not touch treated areas until all products have had adequate time to dry.

What to Expect

Total eradication can be achieved with just one treatment, but generally requires multiple treatments. We treat using a combination of products, including baits, dusts, traps, and sprays. Generally, customers see improvements within a few days.

We recommend treatments every 2- to 4-weeks until roaches are gone. In most cases, it is okay to be present while we treat for roaches, but if you are chemical-sensitive we recommend leaving. Please avoid touching all treated areas until our spray dries completely. For roach control only interiors are treated.

Keeping Roaches Away

Keep your property roach-free by keeping it clean. Cleanliness is the most important factor in the Southern California for eradicating roaches for two reasons. First, the products we use lose their effectiveness when applied to dirt and grime. Second, when you leave food and water out, you continue to feed the roaches, which will then avoid our baits. Please make sure that no dirty dishes are left out for long periods of time and that there is no standing water where roaches are present. Also, eliminating clutter helps eliminate their harborages.

Belly of a Roach - Roach Treatment

Learn More

Find out more about roach control and how to prepare your property for treatment. Our handy roach treatment guide goes into detail about preparing individual rooms and keeping your pets safe.

Contact us and say goodbye to roaches.