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Fast, Effective Rat Control for Roof Rats

Protect the reputation of your business with fast, effective rat control by All Pest & Repair Inc. Based in Ventura, California, we specialize in roof rats and deal with these pests using safe, proven methods.

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Common Signs

Learn to spot the signs of roof rat activity! When you see evidence of rodent activity on your property, call All Pest & Repair Inc. Common signs include:

• Gnawing Sounds and Gnaw Marks around Roof Eaves
• Damage to Plastics and Coverings on Electrical Wires
• Visual Sightings on Power Lines, Trees, Bushes, Patios, etc.
• Hollowed Out Citrus and Other Fruit

• Rat Droppings
• Noises in the Attic and Walls
• Unsettled Pets

Where Are Rats Found?

Roof rats are often found on power lines or in an alley, and they spend 90% of their lives at least four-feet off the ground. They generally travel during twilight and nighttime hours in a territory 200- to 300-feet from their daytime nesting locations. They thrive in cold weather and are most active between November and May. You may also find roof rats in:

• Swimming Pools
• Laundry Rooms
• Attics
• Garages

• Patios

Climbing & Jumping

Roof rats are strongly arboreal and travel along power lines to trees, oleanders, vines, and roofs. They can climb up brick walls and other rough surfaces. They can jump two-feet straight up and four-feet horizontally (double the horizontal distance if they are jumping from a height). Bear in mind that ground covers and compost bins also provide safe travel routes and nests.

Entering Your Home

These rodents can enter homes and garden sheds through any opening larger than a nickel. They follow pipes down from the attic, gnaw through drywall, and enter the kitchen or base sink cabinets. They can also chew through wood, plastic, aluminum siding, drywall, and soft metals.

Find Out More

Find out more from our roof rat FAQ. You'll learn what rats eat and drink, how to seal your attic, and other important information.

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