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Professional Pest Control - Services Include But Not Limited To:

•Sow Bugs
•Pill Bugs
•Yellow Jackets
•And More
Adult Rat - Pest Control
Different Roaches - Pest Control
White Termites - Pest Control


Protect your property from roof rats by calling the professionals. We rid your property of these pests and provide advice on how you can stop them from coming back.


Rid your home or business of roaches and other unwanted guests. We offer comprehensive roach treatment to eliminate these insects quickly.


Termites can do serious damage to your property. Protect your investment with expert termite extermination by All Pest & Repair Inc. in Ventura, California.

Our Story

Eliminate rats, roaches, and termites from your home or business with professional pest control by All Pest & Repair Inc. Based in Ventura County, California, we have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and there is no job we can't tackle.

We pride ourselves on our low prices and great service. Our friendly, trained employees go the extra mile for our customers and we're always happy to provide useful advice on protecting your property from pests.

Contact us for fast, safe pest control from our experienced team.

More Than 40 Years of Experience